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Huizhou diligent bird optical material Co.,ltd

Dust-free workshop


Numerical-cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine


LGP & Diffuser


The light guide plate is a kind of light guide plate with different molecular structure than the light guide plate of the traditional outlets. The light inside the light guide plate is totally reflected by the nano-scale light emitting point to change the angle and is led out from the front of the light guide plate. PMMA raw material particles molded without the need to go through the downstream process, product consistency and yield to be guaranteed, due to the total reflection of light inside the light guide plate, the light output rate is higher than the traditional outlets light guide plate.



  Using advanced optical design and diffusion materials, through scientific formula processing, the light in the diffusion particles and the resin in the transmission path between the diffraction, diffraction, refraction, reflection, scattering process of effective combination of the light beam as much as possible , Scientifically adjust the direction of light transmission, so light-emitting surface in the case of very low light loss of light.

Blister &  lampshade

Blister sheet

The lampshade is made of PMMA, PS or PET, using a variety of matte particles. After the processing aid is mixed with the carrier resin, the lampshade is melt-molded through a screw extruder. The plate cut into the required size by thermoforming is heated by a mold Molding, trimming after cooling.


According to customer requirements, mold custom shade.

We have mature technology, high quality materials and excellent service.

According to the lamp structure, the transparency, haze and thickness of the lampshade can be adjusted at any time.